Nostalgia Bomber Jacket
According to applechan:
"Decades into the future, I'll open my windows, to hear the soft sound of panpipes gently drifting on the morning air. In the distance, I'll see two baby goats and their horned shepherd with a hat of entrails who will disappear into the morning mist after I spot her. I will see tumblr user Sakapet."
de veritas?? Omg! entonces... Afro-chan con 4!! >3<? Saluditos !~


There you go! Sorry por la espera! :)

Mis ojos duelen y aun no se que está pasando :/

These colors burn!!

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Hoooow about El Cid in #7 of the ugly palatte?


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I can’t wait for this freakin’ movie.

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An Erushido!
Part of my art trade with aionyan :U
I am so sorry; everytime I draw you an ElCid, he always has blood around lol 

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  1. I got my computer back
  2. There was a neat thing about putting your fav seinto in a wet tshirt yes? 
  3. Hello :)

Okas! Legend of Sanctuary is pretty close, and I wanted to get used to Shura’s longer hairdo (which kinda think it goes like this? at least when it’s wet?)

Image HEAVILY referenced. ‘Cause I don’t understand how people go :U

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I have no idea about Ep G or why Aioria has bigger and bigger eyes, but hey! Shura has glasses and a feral pet! Badasss baby goat ♥

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Tumblr del foro SSY 2.0

Ahora tiene tumblr! :)

Aquí pondremos publicaciones sobre el foro, los temas más populares y arts de nuestros artistas. 

Por ahora tenemos publicado el evento de ficsotón RadamanthysxSaga y una linda recopilación de fics de DefterosxAsmita, así como los arts de esta interesante pareja a través de las manos de Kaori Subaru


The saint seiya yaoi forum now has a tumblr :)
Here, we´re going to post updates, popular themes , fanfic recopilations and fanarts (all with their proper credit)
It´s pretty new and it´s in spanish, but there will be plenty of art and pairings. And also we will be reblogging anything ssyaoi related, so it would be like going to the ss tag without having to suffer (yay)

Right now there is a  DefterosxAlbafica recopilation and a newsfeed about the fics marathon of SagaxRadamanthys.

Ant that’s it!. Join if you’re interested of signal boost if you know anyone interested in this. Thanks! ♥

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OKAY!! I’m finally putting my doujinshi up for sale!!!<3

Here’s the thing:

My latest doujinshi, "When you came into my life" is a Saint seiya yaoi doujinshi featuring Milo and Camus and a little story with Shun and Hyoga, it also includes my short story "love will keep us alive" also MiloxCamus.

It’s a 100 pages doujinshi in A5 and I’ve decided to include some extra handmade merchandise this time! (you can also get your copy signed if you want!)

You can get the basic edition, that includes 1 copy of the doujinshi plus a bookmark for 9 euros

Bronze edition includes a bookmark, a mobile strap of Milo & Camus and a special decorated sheet :) all for 14€

Silver edition is limited to 24 copies, and it includes all the merchandise previously mentioned plus a couple of magnets of Hyoga and Shun for 24€

And finally, Gold edition, limited to 12 copies, includes the full set of merchandising and also a full colour original picture of your favourite saint seiya character drawn and coloured in copics by me, signed and made specially for you :D The gold edition is 50€ (first come first served!)

As you can see, all the merchandise was drawn and handmade by me, too =D

How can I get it?

Write an email to and tell me which edition you want and -in case you want the Gold Edition- which chara you want me to draw for you (please note that due that I’ve got to make the illustrations personally so Gold editions may take a little longer to ship!), also your address, so I can calculate shipping!

Payment must be done by Paypal and I’ll send you my paypal address to your mail.

And that’s all, I think!! <3 I hope you like this and I’ll be waiting four your mails! ;)

  • UPDATE: Only 7 Gold Editions left!!

UPDATE 2: Only 5 Gold editions and 23 silver ones left!

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Good night, sweet prince.

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Aphro is a soft grunge mermaid.

And because of his fabulous hair, I propose that all this week we should dress all Saint Seiya in grungy clothes and jewelry.

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