Nostalgia Bomber Jacket
According to applechan:
"Decades into the future, I'll open my windows, to hear the soft sound of panpipes gently drifting on the morning air. In the distance, I'll see two baby goats and their horned shepherd with a hat of entrails who will disappear into the morning mist after I spot her. I will see tumblr user Sakapet."



Spirit of Rose

Finally my first printed doujinshi, Spirit of Rose is at home so this is the official sale post :3

Price: 5€ + shipping (it depends on the country, PM me for a quote!)

Payment through Paypal, (unless you live in Spain, in which case I also accept a bank tranfer).

Pairing: ManigoldoxAlbafica Main book, with (morethan)hints of DohkoxShion and some Deathmask+Aphrodite (YAOI)


Let me know if you want a copy!! Reblog as many times as you want and help me share the love all around!!

Ya’ll should definitely check out Kamapon’s stuff! How many SS doujins do you see in English? And with such good art! (If you say any, either you’re lying or you need to hook a sister up.) But either way, totally look at these sweet pages! Man, once I get some spare money…!

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And suddenly…
My day got 1000x better 

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