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According to applechan:
"Decades into the future, I'll open my windows, to hear the soft sound of panpipes gently drifting on the morning air. In the distance, I'll see two baby goats and their horned shepherd with a hat of entrails who will disappear into the morning mist after I spot her. I will see tumblr user Sakapet."

Ta-dah! I’m not gonna work more on this!


Now for a little info: The colors are based on Mikhail Vrubel’s works, because nothing says more Hyoga than Russian symbolism :U

And also I wanted to try to put Hyoga into a colder and somber shade. He is a complicated character. To him, love is the most important thing. Unfortunately, tragedy always strike to those he loves. So he hangs on the memories of those who are gone, which in many cases, has proven to be a crippling flaw in battle.  But also, as the story progresses, we’ve seen that this flaw is not only dangerous to him, but also to those around him. He’s almost like those roman tragedies :/

(That doesn’t mean that I’m dissing him, is just that he’s one of my favorite characters and I’ve been thinking a lot about him. INteresting character he is.)

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(full here)
this has been sitting, really unfinished & messy, for a month in my docs so dont think ill ever get it done
but i liked where it was going n wanted to show DANCE OFF BRONZIES, ALL YOUNG BOYS WILL BE

[kas beat me to the punch forever ago, and this is all nuri’s fault ]


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What are you talking about Hyoga? You’re always crying…even more than Shun

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Hmmm…well, let’s see:

This was a banner made for the Saint Seiya yaoi community (obviously) we’re trying to resucitate with more fan activities and such. Now, since they changed the banner dimensions, it’s no longer useful. It was fun to make, though.

The people asked me to make something with these characters, so I threw them into a party, yes?

Also, it seems that Ikki/Hyoga is highly praised. Interesting! Though I prefer Saga/ everything above the rest.

And yep, that’s it. 

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Hyoga, the handsome.

Oh,so manly…

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Requested by Lucy. Episode 95.

otp + ikkii = GOOD 

Come on, have courage

otp+shun = GOOD

GOOD it’s all in the family

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