Nostalgia Bomber Jacket
According to applechan:
"Decades into the future, I'll open my windows, to hear the soft sound of panpipes gently drifting on the morning air. In the distance, I'll see two baby goats and their horned shepherd with a hat of entrails who will disappear into the morning mist after I spot her. I will see tumblr user Sakapet."

While waiting for next chapter of Omega…

Someone asked to Hades what was the worst punishment  he could give to a Judge.

Cerberus has to be some kind of labrador, look how happy he looks on water, aw.

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    -saca una caja de chocolatitos y se la entrega-…muy bien te los has ganado por buen chico minos…-
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    Por supuesto señorita pero no lo considero un castigo de echo me divertí mucho :D
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