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According to applechan:
"Decades into the future, I'll open my windows, to hear the soft sound of panpipes gently drifting on the morning air. In the distance, I'll see two baby goats and their horned shepherd with a hat of entrails who will disappear into the morning mist after I spot her. I will see tumblr user Sakapet."


If this didn’t clearly say Takato Yamamoto on the side I would have just believed that this was a very weird fan art combo in his style.

I know he had done illustrations of Kokusyoku Sumire before, but it seems almost surreal to see an illustration of Malice Mizer by Takato Yamamoto.

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Mu LoS style with a few colours ! 

For french followers who come to Japan Expo : some of my original watercolour paintings will be for sale there for prices around 10 to 12€. (Saint Seiya, Final Fantasy, Ghibli…) They will be viewable at the Magic-Jewel stand, CM64,  Hall 5 or 6 (idk exactly). As for me, I will be moving through the con so if you want to see me please contact me first. :) 

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When spoken word artist Brenna Twohy tells you that she is an unabashed devotee of all things “Potterotica” — erotic fiction based in the magical universe of Harry Potter — your response probably shouldn’t be that her taste is “unrealistic.” 

Watch her full monologue here. 

(Source: National Poetry Slam uploaded by Button Poetry)

I’m happy to be getting to the point where I don’t have to feel weird about enjoying fanfiction, or having written a bunch of it. Partly it’s that the fandom experience has become more broadly shared. Partly it’s that I stopped giving a shit.

And as for why I like the porny sort of fanfiction, see above. She says it better.

I like sex with context. I like sex when it involves fully fleshed out characters. I like the backstories. I like feeling like these people do other things when they aren’t having sex.

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part 1 of a commission

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till lindemann is kinda attractive help

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I’d rather die than wait.

You know you done fucked up when Piccolo thinks you’re abusing your son. One of the best scenes in the entire series, seriously. 

Love this scene to death. Piccolo has always been more of a father to Gohan than Goku has; he understands him so much more.

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We’ve all heard about Israel’s blockade of Gaza, but what does it actually mean? For many people it could mean no income, no chance of seeing family… and no means of escape.

That’s why we’re calling for a permanent lifting of the blockade, so the people of Gaza can travel, trade and live in dignity.

REBLOG this if you agree the people of Gaza should be free.

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